Zombinvasion, UE4 project

Zombinvasion – First UnrealEngine4 project

As part of an application to a game studio, I was challenged to create a demo running under Unreal Engine 4. That was my first project with UE4 and I only had two weeks, working on my personal time, to complete the challenge.

Goal: kill as many zombies as you can. Gather boards in order to place defenses and triggers bombs. Take care of not running out of ammo!

Controls: the game is ought to be played with an Xbox360 controller.

  • Left stick is used to move the character
  • Right stick is used to shoot
  • Button A is used to interact with things in the world


The report describing the project is here: Report PDF

Download link: Windows (64 bits)

The project repo is here: https://github.com/toms-dev/ue4-zombinvasion


The game supports damage chaining, allowing to keep track of the kill count even if the damages are indirect. Check out this demo (and keep an eye on the “Kills” counter) :

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