About me

My name’s Tom Guillermin and I’ve recently started working in the video game industry, at Ubisoft Montpellier Studio. Since then I have moved to Massive Entertainement, in Sweden. I have a Computer Science background, as a graduate from Polytech Nice Sophia, an engineering school in France, in which I’ve majored in software architecture.


Let me introduce the topics I care about. For more details about my projects, check out the dedicated page.


NapTime_logo_w165I’m the co-founder of NapTime, a company focused on creating high tech devices to improve parents quality of life. We presented our project at the Last Vegas CES in January 2015, which is something I’m really proud of. I was in charge of communication and web development. This project is no longer in activity, but is still very good memories and I’ve learnt a lot working on it.

I’ve also created and worked for Goodies For Schools, a company selling customized promotional items to schools. I was in charge of setting up the online store using Prestashop.

Game projects

I’ve worked on some game concepts, some of which are working prototypes. You can discover them on the projects page.

It ranges from casual games to MMORPG. As I love web technologies, I’m developping most of these projects with HTML5 and nodejs/TypeScript.


I love programming. I work on my free time on personal projects. Some are libraries for TypeScript, others are games, or just experiments with an interesting technology. Maybe you can check out my GitHub repo if you want to see what I’m working on!

Creative hobbiesLogo seul

I love music, listening to it and creating it : check out my band here.

I’m also keen on writing novels. I’ve got some ongoing book projects on which I work on when I have some spare time (not that often!).

I’ve also been doing some voluntary work as a Graphic Designer for the Students Union of Polytech Nice Sophia. I was creating posters, events tickets and visuals for all the events we were organizing. You can check out my works here!

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