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Game projects, start-ups, web programming, music, writing…
Discover everything I’ve been up to during the last few years.


  • Zombinvasion, an Unreal Engine 4 project made in order to push my application to the Ubisoft Graduate Program
  • this blog!
  • some music



Older projects

  • PiratesFight, a simple HTML5 game prototype, backed by a nodejs server. It’s about pirate ships shooting at each others. Check out the demo!
  • NapTime, a start-up creating a silent baby monitor that improves parent’s quality of life (started in 2014)
  • TypeScript libraries
  • BigCats!, a casual 3D web game, using THREE.js and node.js (started in late 2014). Check out the demo!
  • writing a sci-fi novel (started in 2014)
  • Pirate Islands, a multiplayer RPG game, made with HTML5 and node.js (started in 2013). (edit: Pretty much on standby as of now. The fault’s on PiratesFight!)
  • 2014 – 2015 : Voluntary graphic designer for my school’s student union.
  • 2013 – 2014 : Creation of the website of a photographer
  • Oct-Dec. 2013 : Organizing team member of Hackathlon “La Nuit de l’Info”. We had to deal with logistics (finance, food for the contestants) and communication with the students and sponsoring companies.
  • 2013 : Co-founder of GoodiesForSchool, a company selling customized items to students’ unions in France.
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