Pirate Islands – HTML5 MMORPG

Pirate Islands is a MMORPG project that runs on modern web browsers, thanks to HTML5 technologies.

What it is about

Pirates lurking in a infinite world filled with procedurally-generated islands. Cities, quests, monsters, PvP… everything you expect from a decent MMORPG! Plus some secret-for-now added value 😉

Project development history

I started this project a few years ago, using PHP at that time. As I was adding more and more features, I realized that I needed to do background processings. That’s how I decided to an other technology: node. Then, I ported the server code from PHP to Javascript.

Even if Javascript allowed me to quickly prototype features, it lacked typing enforcement, that is almost mandatory for a project of this scale. That’s why I decided to switch to TypeScript. The transition was less painful than PHP->Javascript, but still raised some design issues (and broken code!). I’m still working on it, hoping someday to deliver an alpha version!

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