Is Star Citizen really a game?

I’ve been a subscriber of the Star Citizen newsletter for a while, just to see how the project was growing. I was browsing their website and landed on the funding page. I had no words: the guys had raised more than 60 million dollars for their game prototype.

During my past visits on their website, I was tempted many times to purchase a game pack, but the price for an unfinished game was just too high for me. But, hey, 60 millions! I want to see what this thing is.

Note: herd instinct, yep.

So I purchased the cheapest game pack (around $30) and started downloading the thing. And what a thing, I mean, that’s just… big! I let you judge by yourself: Continue reading

Balancing difficulty in Casual Games

While many casual games appeal users with their AAA polish (fancy visual effects and sounds), there still some games that look incredibly bad but still get amazing amount of interest from the players. How come?

Many amateur game designers (me included) are seeking to get their game in the top charts of the “Casual Games” category of the Play Store/App Store. But we misunderstand a powerful psychological tool that is notorious in the industry of casual gaming: the sense of accomplishment.

Disclaimer: I’d like to mention that I’m totally aware that this concept is well-known. I’m not claiming that I invented the wheel. The point of this post is to try to give an explanation on why some games just fail to keep most of their players in the long run. Continue reading