Android – Optimizing device performances with Greenify (without root)

I guess most Android users once tried to make their device more responsive by installing some tasks killer or battery improvement apps, that runs in the background.
But after trying some of those, I realized that, in the long run, most of them were causing responsiveness issues on my devices.

The slowdowns are caused by some apps that automatically restart after being killed by the utility app. Moreover, by running constantly in the background, all these utility apps are using some of the precious memory they claim to free!

Then, I stumbled upon this Quora post suggesting to use an app named Greenify instead.

How is Greenify any different from other task-killer apps?

greenifyInstead of monitoring and killing other apps in the background, Greenify puts them in hibernation mode. This will prevent them from being launched at boot or even restarted automatically. Their services won’t be started either, thus freeing device resources (CPU & RAM) as if the hibernated app was not installed.
But the app icon is still available in the launcher and you still have the ability to launch it, unfreezing it temporarily. To achieve the hibernation process, Greenify internally uses the ‘am force-stop ‘ command of Android.

The UI is pretty simple, quite modern, and using it is really straightforward. Greenify even provides you with suggestions of apps that would be worth hibernating. In my case, that was a real time-saver as I have a lot of apps.

About performances

The hibernation is a one-time process. Greenify don’t need to perform continuous processing in the background. As the apps are not killed but hibernated, they can’t restart in loop and make your device lag.
After hibernating a couple of apps that I don’t use regularly but didn’t want to uninstall, the performance increase was really impressive.


To use Greenify, you will have to give it some extra permission. Even if I’m OK with that, I can understand that some people won’t.
I’ve been using the app with a non-rooted device. Even if Greenify has been working really well, some apps were sometime unfrozen without me doing anything.
Apparently, it’s due to some events in the system triggering the unfreeze.
Those problems are claimed to disappear when using a rooted device.


Overall, I strongly recommend Greenify over classic task killer app. And even more now that I know now why it’s better.
You can download Greenify for free on the Google Play Store :

Google play


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