Balancing difficulty in Casual Games

While many casual games appeal users with their AAA polish (fancy visual effects and sounds), there still some games that look incredibly bad but still get amazing amount of interest from the players. How come?

Many amateur game designers (me included) are seeking to get their game in the top charts of the “Casual Games” category of the Play Store/App Store. But we misunderstand a powerful psychological tool that is notorious in the industry of casual gaming: the sense of accomplishment.

Disclaimer: I’d like to mention that I’m totally aware that this concept is well-known. I’m not claiming that I invented the wheel. The point of this post is to try to give an explanation on why some games just fail to keep most of their players in the long run. Continue reading

Writing your blog in English vs. your mother tongue

It has been some time that the idea of creating a real blog was tempting me and as I started working on the NapTime project as the communication manager, I thought it would be an opportunity to start one.
The purpose of this blog is to have somewhere to share my discoveries about the topics that I care about, and eventually showcase my projects for anyone that would be interested.

The dilemma

While installing WordPress on my server and thinking about the first post that I would write, I suddenly wondered: should I write in French (my mother tongue) or in English?
I took some time to think about it and I’ve summed up what I believe to be important considerations when it comes to deciding of your blog language.
I hope that this post will help anyone struggling on the same existential question. Continue reading