BigCats! 3D

BigCats! is a casual game feature cute cats that the player have to feed, and feed, and feed even more.

Once the cat is fed, it can go hunting mice and then sell them, in order to buy more food!

Depending on the diet offered to the cat, it may get fat or fit.

There is a playable demo (the data is not persisted upon server restart, so don’t get too attached to your lovely BigCat!)

Check out the demo!


BigCats! was originally conceived as a 2D game (see thumbnail from Projects page), using SVG technology to render the world and pets, but then I decided to try 3D rendering using Three.js and as the result is quite funny, I might stick with it!

BigCats! 3D was last modified: February 15th, 2016 by Tom Guillermin