Arena Intelligence

Arena Intelligence is an ambitious game project that aims to offer players a fun approach to Artificial Intelligence conception.

The concept

The players have to conceive the intelligence module of a robot. The goal is to survive a fight against other AI-driven robots, created by other players. The battle takes place in the Arena, which contains items and weapons that can be picked up by the robots, shelters to hide and recover, as well as traps that are better to avoid.

To design the AI module, Arena Intelligence provide its players with various range of pre-implemented modules that will help them building quickly a behavior tree. Everything is done visually with drag’n’drop, no programming is needed.
Easy to learn, hard to master.

The result

We were 12 working full-time on this project during 3 weeks, organized in three teams of 4 people each. This in-school project incubator allowed us to achieved a working proof of concept of the game.

We created a fully working game/simulation engine that integrated a third-party physics engine. The user was able to create the AI of their robot and launch a match against others!

Our project was developped as an framework, that would allow any developer to build a game based on our concept.

Football matches for example !replay2_size

It would have required more time to improve the user experience and transform our software into a game. But we demonstrated that we were able to get something solid to work and that it was possible to build on it.

Check out the video (in French)


I’d like to thank everyone from the Arena Team, for following my crazy idea and working together to transform this raw idea into a playable prototype.

Here is the list of the collaborators who contributed to the project. Names in bold are sub-team leads.

Arena Replay – 3D Visualization

  • Ludovic Cuny (Game Looper)
  • Didier Martini (Serial Kernel Recompiler)
  • Hugo Simond (3D Lead)LinkedIn
  • Yuqi Wang (Shaders Explorer)

Arena Tree – Configuration UI

  • Quentin Cornevin (Architect)
  • Hong Jin (Cytoscape Explorer)
  • Benjamin Lissillour (UI Specialist) – LinkedIn
  • Anaïs Marongiu (UI Specialist)

Arena Simulation – Game Engine

  • Maël Audren (Content creator)
  • Benjamin Benni (Content creator) – LinkedIn
  • Loïc Gaillard (Game engine reference, Behavior Tree reference)
  • Tom Guillermin (Creator, Game engine dev, TypeScript teacher)LinkedIn
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